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It is hard to photograph New York - a city rivaled only by Paris and Venice in the number of times it has appeared in movies, on TV, in advertisements and on a gadzillion postcards. (...) But leafing through these images of high buildings, bright nocturnal lights, the kaleidoscope of the faces on the sidewalks, I found again the city that had exhiliarated me when I moved here almost a quarter of a century ago, but which I had stopped really noticing, as you do with the overly familiar. And now here it was again - fresh as a bucketful of ice-water in the face. This is what New York looks like to new eyes.

Anthony Haden-Guest, New York 2002

Foreword out of the Coffeetable Book:
"New York, photographs by Lance Lensfield" (teNeues publisher)
Brandenburger Tor

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